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FK indexes Invalid objects

Sanity Check

No indexes on columns involved in foreign key constraints

You should almost always index foreign keys. The only exception is when the matching unique or primary key is never updated or deleted. For more information take a look on Concurrency Control, Indexes, and Foreign Keys.

The sql file which will generate these indexes is created for you

"Unindexed" foreign keys

Table NameConstraint nameColumns

Invalid objects

Invalid object does not mean a problem sometimes. Sometimes will fix itself as is is executed or accessed. But if there is an error in USER_ERRORS table, you are in trouble then...

The sql file which will compile these objects is created for you.


Object nameTypeErrorAt line
IOFT_VENCODING TRIGGERPL/SQL: ORA-00933: prikaz SQL neni radne ukoncen3
IOFT_VENCODING TRIGGERPLS-00103: nalezen symbol "end-of-file" v situaci, kdy se predpokladala jedna z nasledujicich moznosti: begin case declare end exception exit for goto if loop mod null pragma raise return select update while with << close current delete fetch lock insert open rollback savepoint set sql execute commit forall merge pipe 4