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Goal of oraschemadoc is "JavaDoc" style detailed documentation for all objects in schema covering Oracle specific features. Result of execution of oraschemadoc is set of static XHTM files mainly - more output formats in progress.

Latest release - 0.31, 2007-Apr-10

See example output.

Also it is possible to export datamodel to Dia UML Diagram. See example.


Support Development

You can use Oraschemadoc free without any payments. But there can be some features you are missing. You can donate some funds to speed-up its development.

You can change priority of your bug/feature request with a donation. Please leave a note with your comment too.

IBAN account number: CZ8220100000002600128621



Well, screenshots... The most popular part of a project website... Oraschemadoc is a commandline tool so any screenshot is wasting of space.



Download stable versions.

I'm using SVN since 2007-Feb-05 so why don't to be on the edge of the sanity with the fresh features and all the bugs?

svn co oraschemadoc

Current Features

Currently OraSchemaDoc prints:


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